Do you want to promote your business, increase customer loyalty or build your brand? Are you looking for a creative solution? At Documax, we create plastic cards for companies looking to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

Membership cards

Membership cards

The benefits that a membership card provides for all kinds of associations are undeniable. A membership card enables the identification of a person’s information, status and validity. The card can be personalized by adding a photo, contact information, a membership number or a bar code. It is the most common form of membership to an association or community. An official membership card takes the form of a PVC card similar to a credit card. Because they often come with certain benefits or privileges, membership cards are valid for a specific period of time and are marked with an expiration date.

nuage_11CR80 Opaque PVC card, 4/1 (4 colors front / black on back), 30 mil (0.76mm), Ultra glossy or mat finish, signature stripe on front. (Also available with 18 mil thickness).